Why You Should Try Media Player Morpher for Free Surround Movie at Home



All around you!!! Have you ever imagined, that your old set of speakers and just a computer can funtions as the surround system 5:1/6:1/7:1 and more for the best movie ever?  Yes, just with the usual two speakers, turn your movie into surround for FREE with Media Player Morpher is just an easy task. Best software ever!


So, what is this Media Player Morpher?

This is a free software, just like normal media player, it can play your movies, music in many formats, add subtitles - all of the basic functions. But what makes it unique is the ability to "bend" sound wave into surround, you can really enjoy a movie in surround effects with the old traditional speakers. Amazing, right? But not yet, there is also a Music Editor that can help you cut/mix/merge/split/paste/add effects and more to your audio music files. Want to know more?

Visit: Media Player Morpher.


Surround sound effects




This feature is called Virtual Sound Bar which has processing advanced algorithms that can transform your normal two speakers into a surround system.


What does it do? You can choose which settings are fit for your room from the software:



- Preset: choose the ready-to-use surround presets in just one click.

- Choose Mode: which surround system do you want?

And other configure settings to help you achieve the most desired result.


Other features and tools:




- Music Editor to edit your audio files

- Equalizer to enhance output

- Video and Audio Morphs to add effects to video and audio.

as well as a variety of other freeware integrated for your best experience: