How to use "Nickvoice" in Voice Changer Software Diamond


AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 has the ability to adjust and modify your voice in just one click with "Nickvoices". You can sound like anyone, any age and any gender. In this tutorial, I will show you how to change your voice to different voices in only one step - by using those quick, powerful and easy-to-use built-in voice presets.


What is a Nickvoice?

Nickvoice – inspired by the word “nickname” – it is a voice that characterizes the voice of the person you choose to mimic in cyberspace. Technically, you can choose these ready-to-use presets and apply them in just one click to get the combination of settings available without having to adjust anything else.


How to use ready-to-use nickvoices

The Nickvoice menu contain over 60 ultimate, ready-to-use voice presets - “nickvoices”. You can choose your favorite Nickvoice and apply instantly to change your voice to various voice types and genders.

There are:

- Male voice to: Adele, Asian female, baby girl, teen girl, 20-40 woamn, grandma and many more.

- Female voice to: baby boy, young male, man, etc.

- Movie maker: alien, angel, devil , ghost, etc.

- Non-human voice: bear, bird, dog, cow, etc.




How to customize nickvoices

If you want even more options to design your own ultimate perfect Nickvoice preset, try modifying the output with Pitch-Timbre graph, Voice Effects and Vocie Beautifying.

It will help you achieve your own desired, unique voice qualities.

- Pitch-Timbre graph: adjust age and gender

- Voice Effects: add audio and background effects to your conversation

- Voice Beautifying: improve sound quality and adjust the "color" of your voice. Example: form an accent, pronunciation.



Save your Nickvoice

- Click Save to save your newly created nickvoice (under *.nvc file) for later use.

- Click Load to load a pre-saved nickvoice (*.nvc) file.

- Click Reset to revert Voice Morpher to its default settings.