Talk Like a Pirate, Ahoy! with Background Sound



Ahoy matey! Time to say ARRRR with yer true pirate voice! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Be prepared, me buccaneer buddies, for we now set a fun course into th' mysterious seven seas of the Internet with "Pirattitude". Dig th' booty and show yer best pirate voices in all th' chat rooms 'n audio journeys.

It's extremely easy to add a background sound and effects in your Skype video call, Viber,etc. What you need is just one voice changer software and the free add-ons.


There are two main types of background and sound effects:

Sound packs:

- Blow the man down!

- Har Har Har

- The melodies of legends  

Villainous voices of the sea


Background sounds:

Jolly Roger - Sounds of victory

Deep oggin is calling

The cursed winds


Heave ho me hearties!