How to remove vocals from a song

Hi everyone, how are you doing? Today I will show you how to remove vocals from a song with the help of AV Music Morpher Gold. With this, you will be able to extract the vocals and get the background music, or you can also extract to get the vocal. It's your choice.




Step 1: Open the song you want to remove vocals

- Download AV Music Morpher Gold.

- Launch the software

- Select Morpher tab (1)

- Click on File menu (2), select Open (3)

- The Open dialog box will come up, select the song you want to remove voice and click Open.



 Step 2: How to remove vocals of the song

Open Voice Morphing Panel:

- Click on View menu (4)

- Choose Morpher Bar (5)


In Voice Morphing Panel:

- Select Voice Remover – Center Filtering Method. (6)

- Turn On/Off (7) to compare with the original song when you make a change to the settings.




You can also configure the settings to make it more professional:

Center Width (8): The more you move this slider to the right, the more voice is removed.

However, careful as you may remove too much.


Center Filtering (9):

- High pass: This parameter has the most effect on the total sound of a song. Move to the left to remove more vocal.

- Low pass: reduces the noise if it appears when you remove vocals. Move this slider to the right to remove more noise.


Voice Pitch (10): the vocal has a frequency. Select the frequency of vocal to remove the sound produced from this frequency. The other frequencies will be kept. Stop moving the slider when you hear the main voice is removed.

The vocal pitch of male singer is around 250Hz, and vocal pitch of female singer is around 720Hz.


Notch Width (11): Move this to the right to remove more sound or to the left to add more sound. A setting of 8 may be the best.


Step 3: Export the background music after removing the vocals

When you are satisfied with the result:

- Click on Morph Selected Files (12)

- Choose Output folder (13)

- Select Output file format (14)

- After that, select Morph (15).




That's it.

Hope you all enjoy the music.

Note: The quality of the background music will depend on the original song. Some particular songs are recorded in a very complicated way, with too many sounds together, which sometimes causes the vocals not to be removed completely.


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