How to Record with Voice Changer Software Diamond


Recording your voice with Voice Changer Software Diamond is a unique way to create beautiful audio files that you will not be able to do with other programs. The reason is thanks to the technology of Voice Morpher, built-in Voice Recorder as well various effects.


What is this Voice Changer Software Diamond?

Voice Changer Software Diamond is a program that can do magic to your voice. It can change your voice in real time, add more background effects, vocal effects, even mix audio. Most of all, you can record in different voices, thanks to the Voice Morpher feature. Simply adjust settings, and record your masterpiece with the built-in Voice Recorder. Read more.


Step 1: Adjust settings of Voice Recorder

- Launch Voice Changer Software Diamond

- Select Voice Recorder (1)




In Voice Recorder window: 

- Select format button (2)



- Choose any encoder in the list. If you are not sure, leave it at Default (44100 Hz, Mono 16 bit).



Step 2: Choose your normal voice or morphed voice

In order to choose whether you record in normal voice or in morphed voice, you will need to choose which device you use.

- Click on Select recording device (4)


- To record with normal voice: Choose Microphone (Realtek High Definition Audio)

- To record with morphed voice: Choose Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) 


Step 3: Record your audio file with Voice Changer Software Diamond

- Click Record (5) to start your recording section.



- Click Stop (6) to end the section and save your file.



- Choose the location to save your file and click Save (7)




- You can also click Resume (8) to continue the old recording

- Click Play (9) to preview the result.



That's it. You can see why it's really simple to record your voice creatively, right? You only need Voice Changer Software Diamond, the softwware designed to fully support this. Have fun and enjoy.