This Is How Orcs' Voices in World of Warcraft Can Be Made


If you are a fan of World of Warcraft or Warcraft 3, the green Orcs must be familiar to you. In this guide, you will know how to convert your audio records in normal voice to an Orc voice. Trust me, it will be absolutely amazing to show the result to your friends.


Step 1: Prepare your audio files

- Record your voice first. However, in this example, we will use voice sample of MICHAEL DOUGLAS. Wanna see how he sounds originally? Click here.

- Download and start AV Music Morpher Gold and switch to morpher module.

- In the Play List pane, click Open File to load the Michael Douglas voice into the Morpher's playlist.f:id:audio4fun:20160830134230p:plain

Step 2: Convert your audio files and review

- Select the track and click Play (1) on the Player panel to listen to the voice.
- Within Voice Morpher (2) click the On/off button (3) to enable the feature.
- Now, you can slowly and slightly adjust the Pitch and Timbre to archive the Orc voice. For me, 74% in Pitch and 69% in Timbre is nice. 


- I also recommend you to try Equalizer Presets for more realistic result. Moreover, there is the Effects Library (4) for you to choose.

- For a more special voice, you can add more effects such as Light tremble, Sticky, Tunnel in Single Effects Tab. Or effect Chorus in Advanced Effects Tab.



Step 3: Save output file

- You can start the converting by clicking on the Morph Selected Files button on the Morpher Menu.
- The output result can be saved in various types and formats like .ogg, .mp3, .wav, .flac, .ape, etc.