Av Voice Changer Software Diamond New Build 9.5 and Valentine 40% OFF


To help users prepare the best gift for Valentine and many days after, Audio 4fun is having a crazy sale 40% OFF on all of the products, including the new build of the best-selling AV Voice Changer Software Diamond.

On February 9, Audio4fun just released their newest update on the AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, this build has the number 9.5. This will be a prefect chance for you to take advance of the discount, go out of the traditional activities and  make some awesome Valentine gifts, make a funny call or even creative videos and audio.

There are several new updates let's take a closer look at the software

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

This is an all-in-one voice changer that can change your voice from male to female, female to male, robots and more. With the Pitch-Timbre graph you can adjust your Pitch, age and gender, from a baby girl, a sweet mowan to a grandma.


Voice recorder to record your voice, and Voice-over Editor to edit your recording after that. Make audio message, add audio effects and background music is just a piece of cake.


What's new in New Build 9.5?

1. New simple flat skin for fresh and clean look, friendlier to users.
2. Main Voice Morpher features the new Pitch-Timbre 2 dimensional graph.
3. Side-by-side Voice Effect panel helps effect management easier and more efficient.
4. Loading playlists is now available in File Morpher; users import existing playlists to morph and convert file format just in one click. Also, new Quick Mode added for prompt act.
5. Save, Load, Reset buttons added to Voice Beautifying and Advanced settings.
6. Other minor bugs fixed.

A social Valentine that can last for more than just one day

Love is in the air, and it is not just about chocolate, roses or a fancy dinner. It can also be expressed through an audio message, a tweet or even a Facebook photo.

Go beyond your traditional routine and design your own shade of romantic Valentine, unique to the age of social media.


So what do I mean by saying that? Check out these two tips:

Tip 1: A bouquet full of love for your family

  • Prepare your audio message.
  • Add effects and family favorite music.
  • Give your parents a loving bouquet with a hidden remote to play your special composition on your speakers, surrounding them with your appreciation and love.

Tip 2: A memorable home movie night

  • Create a video "Reasons why I love you."
  • Add video effects, an audio message, and background music to your daily scenes.
  • Secretly switch your video on, during the movie.
  • Capture your partner's happiness with a hidden camera and let her share it Facebook later.


To inspire users to produce their own unique, creative romantic experience in the 21st century, Audio4fun is having a very attractive Valentine Sale. 40% OFF - Storewide

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