Convert and Morph Audio for Free


Did you know? You can always rely on a freeware to convert and morph audio files for free. There are many tools that can convert audio formats, but morphing audio? Only a few ones that are free. In this tutorial today, you will have a very great software to morph audio in a professional way, but surprisingly, it's FREE.


Download Audio Morpher

Audio Morpher is a great freeware that can help you convert file formats, morph audio, add effects and many other features.

Download the software here:


Morphing audio is just easy

Do you know what you can do with this software? Absolutely amazing!

It's a very simple software, free and can do many good audio tasks that can be even compared to a paid audio software if your demand is not too complicated.

You will be able to:

- Convert file formats in batches.

- Add effects to one file or many files at once.

- Morph audio with many morphing effects.




Buttons from left to right:

Add file - Add folder - Remove tracks from list - Remove all tracks - Morph selected tracks - Morph all tracks


In the Settings section:

- Choose Destination to save your files

- What to do what Existing files

- File name Template when morph multiple files

- Quality: choose quality, file formats and many more.


In Availble Effects section:

- Single effects: 3D sound, airport, bell, empty room, etc.

- Special effects: Equalizer, Volume boost, Echo, Voice morphing, X surround ,etc.


Just choose the effects you want, they will appear in the Active Effects box.


That's it. With just one panel, this software is a fully functioning tool to help you convert audio formats/morph audio/ add effects and more.