Scary Webcam This Halloween, Show Horror Clip in Video Call


Did you know? AV Webcam Morpher has the ability to show a video through webcam when you are calling your friends via Skype, ooVoo, etc.

In this post today, we will show you how to show a scary video clip on webcam while video calling. Halloween is coming, time to scare some friends with fun tricks.


Step 1: Settings of AV Webcam Morpher

- Download AV Webcam Morpher
- Click Clips button to open the Shared Clips module.

- All instant messenger programs not necessarily in use should be closed to optimize the sharing process.
- You should also remove all Logitech Webcam applications to avoid any conflicts or problems with video displaying in AV Webcam Morpher.


Open the share clips module


Step 2: Choose your horror video

- Click Add Clip button under the pane to bring up the Open dialog box.

- Select the video clip you want to show.

- Click Open to open the file and close the dialog box.




Step 3: Preview the video

Double click on the video file name in the Clips pane to play the file, or click on the Play button to play.

* Make sure that the Preview button is ON (highlighted) to display the video in the Preview screen.

Play and preview the video


Step 4: Invite friends for a video call

And now, everyone, it's time to invite your friends for a video call.

And when calling, turn on the clip, bring a little scary horror this Halloween and enjoy the moment.