Awesome news: Red Hot Halloween feast continues at Audio4fun


The traditional Halloween is about to end in the real world, but Audio4fun's software feast still continues in Cyberspace! Any online devils are welcomed to join in and create even more stirring memories for the cyber world.

This feast will serve you the three wicked dishes from hell that can even make some spooks bleed for excitement - true to its name "Red Hot Halloween".

Rip the price off
  • Boo-tiful 30% discount on ALL software.
  • Creepy videos, scary prank calls, spooky audio messages or any other activities are all possible.
  • Professional grade software for all your audio and video creative needs - totally release your creativity that will last long after the holiday fun!

                                              Use this “magic spell” to enter:


                                                              Check out

Spooktacular Free-ze
  • This dish will give you free voices of frightening creatures.
  • Halloween background effects and sounds.
  • Get the latest Halloween facts
  • Combine with the other two dishes and impress everyone.

Red Hot Halloween is extended from October 31 to November 4.

Join in and enjoy the feast. Check out now.