Top 3 New Year Eve Party Ideas for the First Fun in 2017


Are you ready for the new year party? If you are wondering what are the things to do new year eve, then how about having some fun online? Cool stuff for the cool people.

Let celebrate and count down to the new year with an awesome speech to start the party with funny and amazing song remixes with music effects and a video to review the day after. Begin your party with joy and happiness.

1. How to remix music with free tool

Step 1: Open your song

- Click on Morpher tab right under the logo.
- Click File and choose Open.
- You can also use Add Files button on the toolbar to add a file to the playlist.

Image - free-tutorials-project1_clip_image001_mmg.jpg

 Step 2: Morph vocal and add effects

Click Active button under the playlist box.
- Open the list on the right and choose Voice Morpher.
- Drag the Pitch to make the vocal higher or lower.
- Adjust the Timbre to create the characteristics for the voice.
- Adjust the Advanced Tune. (It's recommended the advanced tune should be low so that the background can't be changed much.)


Choose an effect in the Effect Library on the right of Music Morpher window. You can combine up to 4 effects at the same time.

Step 3: Apply those effects to your song

- Select Morph Selected Files button on the Playlist toolbar.
Select the Output Folder, Output File Format, then click Morph button to start the morphing process.

Image - free-tutorials-project1_clip_image001.jpg

You can download the video tutorial here.

With this, you can remix the old songs into new, amazing and funny songs for your party. The best party always comes with the best music, and even more awesome when that music is mixed by the host.

2. Create an awesome speech to start the party

Step 1: Record

- Open AV Music Morpher Gold

- Click the Record button (1) on the Player panel you will see Record dialog box.

- Click the Record button on the Player panel you will see Record dialog box.

Image - free-tutorials-project27_clip_image001.jpg


- Click the Play button to listen what you have recorded

 Image - free-tutorials-project27_clip_image002.jpg

- Click the Save button to save your recording in a file.

Image - free-tutorials-project27_clip_image003.jpg

Step 2: Review and edit

- Switch to Editor tab (1)

- Choose New Multitrack Session (2)

Note: As soon as you click on the New Multiple Track session button, a popup named Multiple Session Sample Rate will appear and ask you to select the sample rate for your project. Just leave it as default 44100 (3) if you are not sure what setting to choose.

Multitrack Session


- On each track line, right – click >> Add New Clip From File … or double click to insert your audio speech.

- Do the same to insert sound effects to make the speech more interesting. There are many free sound effects on the Add-on store.

» Download here.

- You can also reserve the last track for the background music.

- Hold down the right mouse button on each track to move it along the timeline.

Add clip

And that's it for making an amazing speech with easy steps.

Want to see Obama's speech made by this software? Click here.

3. Film your party and edit into a short cool video

Step 1: Open AVI file

- Open the Video Morpher application and switch to Video tab
- Go to File Menu and select Open File.
- Within the Effects panel on the right, select the effect you would like to use on the clip. Within this instruction, we will use the Film effect and Rain effect.


Step 2: Edit and save your video

- Via the Video Tab, click on the Converter button from the panel below the screen to load the video clip into the VOM Converter.

- Via the Converter Module, Input tab, select a portion of the video clip within the Select Duration settings. You can leave these settings unchanged to select the whole video clip for converting.


- Now, you can switch to the Output tab 
The following settings are recommended:
+ Output Format: AVI
+ Video Compressor: Microsoft RLE
+ Audio Compressor: MPEG Layer-3
+ Output file: Select is place you want saving file.

- You can click on the Preview button to check if the effects are as your desire or not. When all is done, you can start the conversion by hitting the Convert button.

 - Enjoy your video clip!