The super prank creator for your online calls

Great prank calls can always come from a simple voice chat. With AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, you can prank call anyone with the voice of a woman, a bear, bird, change voice male to female, female to male and many other voices. Perfect for an Internet prank call.


Prank call voice changer

Make a funny prank call with voice changer. You can sound like Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama, or anything for some fun online calls.

This is a good chance to play a practical joke on your friends and family with some humor, or simply spice the video call with different voices and effects. 

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond can help you do that, and even more because you can change your voice in real time. Talk to the microphone, and the voice is changed immediately to the other side. Besides, the software can:

- Change voice in real time

- Add voice effects, background effects and many other effects for free. You can download even more at


Voice Changer Software Diamond is ready for a call

April is the month of pranks. How was it with the April Fools' Day? 

There is a good news from Audio4fun - the publisher of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond. The software is on sale for 3 more days!

You will have 3 more days to own the software with the 20-year technology in voice changing.


More information about the software can be found on its official website:

Remember, the sale ends on April 11, 2019