Mix Audio Background Effects in Music Morpher Gold


Music Morpher Gold is a software that can turn your humble computer into a DJ table within 1 second. In this tutorial, we will show you how to mix audio background effects, can be downloaded for free at Audio4fun Support Center and use within the software.


Step 1:Download Music Morpher Gold and free background effects:

- Download Music Morpher Gold

- Download Free background effects


Step 1: Open a new session in Music Morpher Gold

- Launch Music Morpher Gold

- Click on New Multitrack Session button

- In the new Multiple Session Sample Rate, leave it as default 44100.

Music Morpher Gold: Create new multitrack

Step 2: Add audio background effects 

- Right-click on a track, select Add New Clip From File…

- Choose your main audio file and Open. (To add background effects, right click on a track and do the same as your main audio file).

Music Morpher Gold: Add a track


  • The location where you right-click will be the beginning of the track.
  • Use Ctrl + right-click to move the track along the line.
  • Use effects with MP3 format, you can download more sound packs, background sounds, vocal sounds from our Add-on Store.


Step 3: Mix audio with other effects


- Click on a track you want to select

- Choose effects via the Effects Library box.

- Each effect will have its own settings dialog box.
- Choose your favorite settings and click OK. (In the example below, we use Tempo Morpher effect to change the speed of the middle track)


Music Morpher Gold: Add effects



After you are down with the editting, save your audio mix:

- Click Save File

- Select where you want to save the file.

- Enter File name.

- Choose the format with Save as type.

- Click Save.

Music Morpher Gold: Save File



  • Save as MTX format will help you edit the project later.
  • The MP3 format will be you final product.

That's it. Your audio mix will be ready to rock your world.