Mimic Santa Claus Voice This Christmas with Voice Changer


 Are you looking for a way to mimic Santa Clause voice? In this tutorial, we will show you how to do a Santa voice with a professional voice changer software. You will be able to talk like Santa Claus, enhance quality of your online talk and more. 


 Step 1: Santa Claus Voice Settings

- Launch Voice Changer Software Diamond.
- Move the pointer within Pitch-Timbre graph to select the value of Pitch 61% and Timbre 87%. This set of values works best for me.

- Because each voice is characterized on pitch and timbre, it would be better that you try a little more to decide which pitch and timbre parameter produces the best Santa Claus voice for you.




 Step 2: Santa Claus sound quality

In Voice Changer Software Diamond, there is a feature that can help you enhance the quality of your voice.

- On the main panel, select Advanced button

- Select Reduction 170 and Threshold 12.3, these are the parameters to control Noise Reduction.

Note: This may vary a little bit as each person will have different characteristics for their voice. You can adjust a little more to get the optimum settings for your voice.

- Click Apply and then OK. 





Enjoy and have fun.