WOW Voice Changer for Funny World of Warcraft Voice Chat


No need to for a compliated World of Warcraft soundboard, this WOW voice changer what you need is only a simple but powerful voice changer for your funny voice chat. This software can change your voice to anyone, Morgan Freeman, Obama, Donald Trump and even in-game characters. 

What to do?

- Download the free version AV Voice Changer Software Diamond.

- Choose the settings you want with one click using Nickvoice.

BOOM! You're done with the voice.

Now here are 2 steps to connect this voice changer to WOW game, very easy.

Step 1: Change audio settings

Right click at the Speakers icon on your system tray.


Choose Recording devices


In Sound window
- Find the device with the line "Avsoft Virtual Audio Device".
- Click on and Set Default
- Click OK


Step 2: Virtual Driver Mode

Voice Changer Software Diamond
- On main panel, click Preferences.

In VCS Preferences window:
- Choose Virtual driver Mode (1).
- Click OK (2)



Now, you are ready to rock your world.


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