Take what ye can, give nothin’ back. Yo-ho-ho!

Avast, me hearties. "Talk like a pirate day" is just around the ocean's bend. If ye think it's a pirate's life for ye, grab yer fine grog, find the secret booty from Audio4fun, and celebrate this day with "Pirattitude". Ahoy!


Arrrr, what secrets shall be exposed?

Our fellow Gentlemen o' fortune, to fully enjoy this day, ye better be learnin' t' be talkin' like a buccaneer before settin' sail. This time, people say a lot about the most temptin' pirate booty on all the Seven Seas - AV Voice Changer Software Diamond. Yer voice will sound croaky; the winds are by your side, and all can be recorded, shared, and enjoyed by all yer shipmates. Not all treasure is silver and gold. Shiver me timbers!


                                        Want to know your way around the deck?

                                               The sale is here. Enter the code:




                                          X marks the spot! An' be quick about it.

                                  The booty disappears soon on September 26 2016.


The rougher the sea, the smoother we sail. ARRRRR!