Audio4fun Brings Attractive Benefits to Their Affiliates

Guess what?

Audio4fun not only has the reputation for its professional multimedia morphing software, but also knows how to make thier affiliates happy. As of May 2015, all affiliates will be able to imcrease their commission rates up to 60% easily, just by taking the following steps:

  1. Write 2 reviews, or tutorials on our products +5% of the commission;
  2. Recommend our products on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Newsletter, etc +5% of the commission;
  3. Feature our product on homepage, or top of product's category (60+ days) +5% of the commission;
  4. Add our banners on your site (60+ days) +5% of the commission;
  5. Meet gross sales of $1200/month +10% of the commission;

These common steps are often used by affiliates to promote and recommend products to users, but now affiliates can enjoy higher commisions just by doing what they usually do.

How fantastic!

If you are interested in joining Audio4fun's affiliate network and earning great revenue from their advanced products, check out the program at