Looking For An Online Game Voice Changer?


Look no further, because AV VoizGame is the right tool for you!

AV VoizGame is an online voice changer, one of the popular Voice Changer Software series at Audi4fun.  By having this program installed on your computer, your chat voice will be changed and processed in real time, through a microphone. This tool features a cutting edge voice morphing technology that will camouflage your voice successfully in just a few seconds.


Additionally, its built-in Recorder allows users to record voices and sounds from almost any game, such as EVE online, Resident Evil, WarCraft, Counter Strike, MU, etc. Users can even make the skin transparent using Transparent Mode and easily activate it using Shortcut keys while in your online game.

For more features and benefits, visit http://www.audio4fun.com/voice-game/voizgame.htm