Use Real-time Video Effects in Webcam Chat Convo

            Chat webcam with cool effects using Webcam Morpher

Are you a frequent user of Yahoo Messenger, AOL, Skype, AIM, etc.? Do you often use webcam chat to keep closer contact to your friends and family? Because today's tutorial will guild you on how to change your image via webcam using Webcam Morpher.

AV Webcam Morpher replaces your webcam signal with preset "nickface" showing your chat friends an entirely different person even if you don't own a real webcam device. Its smiley menu let you totally control these characters' visual gestures such as laughing, dancing, grinning, and so much more.

Following these 2 simple steps, you can use fake video to show your friends via webcam without being noticed. Besides, you also can apply cool video effects to make your image stand out while having fun with your friends:

Step 1: Open the Effect Panel

Step 2: Open the Effect Panel

Step 3: Save your effect layout for later use

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