Let's Speak Like A Real Pirate, Mateys!


Ahoy! Cap'n,

Be ye ready to sail the ship? Are your costumes, a treasure map, pirate decoration kits ready? If "yes", all you need now is a cool pirate-themed songs or movie to help you get into the mood quickly!

With AV Voice Changer Software Diamond from Audio4fun, you can complete your pirate's check list now and get ready to have fun:

- Talk like a real pirate in "cybersea"

- Produce victory songs using its morphing feature

- Dub movies/video clips with pirate voice you adore

- And many more creative ideas are waiting for you

This premium voice changer software is currently being offered at 30% OFF. Plunder its website and hunt for your unique "weapon".


Aye aye! Prepare to be boarded, mates!

P/s: This offer ends on September 25, 2014. For Pirates ONLY!