Make Fun Calls By Imitating A Friend's Voice


Have you ever thought of yourself speaking one of your friend’s voice inSkype, AOL, TeamSpeak, and more? Well, it’s not that complicated because with a voice mastering tool, all these voice changing tasks are just a “piece of cake”. This tutorial will guide you on how to turn your voice into a friend’s voice easily, and use this voice for funny prank calls in any online voice chat application.

There are 4 steps to follow:

Step 1Download AV Voice Changer Software Diamond version 8.0

Step 2: Import the sample voice you want to imitate

Step 3: Record your own voice and start to compare how similar the sample voice and yours sound

Step 4: Improve output quality with advanced Equalizer and Noise Reduction.

For more detailed instructions, you can read its full tutorial.

You can also find more interesting morphing tools at to keep yourself entertained and creative.