Free Video Karaoke Maker For Your Creative Entertainment

How irritating it is when you are addicted to a new song but not able to find its karaoke version to satisfy your passion for singing? Well, that is why AV Video Karaoke Maker exists!

AV Video Karaoke Maker was made to make users feel free to show their musical talent. This free karaoke creator enable you to add music and lyrics to a video, then synchronize them to create a unique karaoke video in just few minutes. The program supports a wide range of input video, audio, and image formats, as well as various output video formats.

What can AV Video Karaoke Maker do for you?

  • Offers an intuitive wave chart for karaoke editing.
  • Converts your songs for karaoke singing or create instrument version to enjoy.
  • Creates DVD movie subtitles easily.
  • Produce cool music video for your favorite song.

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