AV Media Player Morpher's Stella Screenshots

What is AV Media Player Morpher?

This tiny but powerful player/editor can do it all for audio and video viewing fun. You can watch/listen to just about anything; then you can edit them in many different ways as well. The upgraded Player will take your viewing and listening pleasure to the next level. 

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Media Morpher main skin

AV Media Player Morpher features a smart, cool user interface which makes user's morphing steps much easier.

          Media Player Morpher - playlist mananger

A intuitive miltiple playlist works that plays your tunes in the best quality.

         Media Player Morpher - Audio Effects

A huge library of vivid, special audio effects to enhance the quality of your audios.

          Media Player Morpher - x-surround effect screenshot

Its unique X-Surround effect will improve your listening experience thanks to the ability turn any 2 speaker device into a Virtual Sound Bar that produces the widest stereo and pseudo-surround sound.

           Media Player Morpher - video effects

Besides numerous audio effects, AV Media Player Morpher also includes a rich built-in video effects for your video morphing tasks.

            Media Player Morpher - Visualization

Advanced settings to improve user's visual sense while morphing with this program.

           Media Player Morpher - Equalizers

Professional Equalizer for advanced audio adjustments and making your audio files stand out uniquely.

Download this freeware now at http://www.audio4fun.com/player/