Create Animal Voices In A Few Clicks


To change a song or create a recording sound like animal sound is too easy with the help of voice changer software. And if you are looking for one, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is the best choice for you!

AV Voice Changer Software is an advanced voice adjusting tool which works on AVVirtual Audio Driver mode. This  working method allows users to change their voice while chatting with any IM and VoIP applications in real time. Timbre and pitch which are the most important qualities of a human's voice can now be changed smoothly with the help of Timbre and Pitch graph (also called Voice Morpher graph).

Stand out from other relevant tools, this program contains a cool nickvoice list with a variety of choices for users such as old man, old woman, kid, mistress or alien voices. In the Special section, user can find a funny list for animal sounds such as Bee, Elephant, Pig, Frog, Horse, Mosquito, Mouse, Snake, Tiger, ...


With ready-to-use sample output voices, you can achieve your target voice in just one click away. This is a great help to save user's time morphing and discovering this masterful program.

Then why not now? You can take advantage of this cool library to create funny audio story for the children in your family, or use your creation to make prank calls with your friends via internet calls. Trust me, you cannot stop laughing for hours when you know how confused they are! For more information, you can find at