AV Video Morpher Turns You PC into A Movie Theater

AV Video Morpher stands out from other movie morphing software due to its movies dubbing functionality. It also includes a video player, morpher, converter, burner, audio & video recorder, cover editor, and an especially huge library of audio - video effects (water, rain, twister, leaflets, techno, natural & animals, etc.) Also this movie player morpher has a unique Video Converter that converts to AVI or WMV from any video inputs.

Check out cool benefits you can receive once owning this professional video editor:

  • Enhance quality of your video, even audio voices; apply numerous filters to enrich your viewing experience. There are more unique settings available to your choice.
  • Add effects, capture any frame or movie your want to enrich your collection.
  • Produce professional quality black and white video for documentary films. This is a great tool making you presentation more convincing whether it is historical, contemporary, scientific or educational.
  • Shoot your own video or select your favorite film, or musical video, or any other video; select each frame you wish to make into an image, save it to disk and then put them all together to create a unique photo album.
  • Dub your own voices into movies, add effects, and burn to your own movie DVD.
  • And many more!

Hurry up and grab this cool AV Video Morpher for a fantastic movie theater that you have ever dreamt of!