Talk Like A Charming Lady's Voice


Have you ever imagined how your close buddy would react if there was a mysterious woman with charming voice calling him and lighting up his lonely days? Well, if this voice came from you, this would be one of the best prank that your friend could never ever forget in his life.

With the great assistance of the best voice changer software - AV Voice Changer Software - you can easily make your own voice sound like a charming, sexy lady  and drive your pal crazy to the max!

There are 7 steps to follow:

Step 1: Download charming lady's voice in wav format

Step 2:  Open Voice Changer Software Comparator feature

Step 3: Import the female voice sample into Voice Comparator

Step 4: Now, record your voice

Step 5: Start voice comparison to see how similar they are

Step 6: Improve output quality with advanced Equalizer

Step 7: Remove the noise recorded to perfect your result

For more information, you can read this detailed tutorial or get to know more about AV Voice Changer Software at this page.