Free Youtube Video Downloader


Looking for a free video downloading tool? AV Tube exists for that reason!

AV Tube is a completely FREE software assisting you in downloading videos from popular video supported sites. The program features an intuitive and friendly user interface for all users. It also allows you to make adjustments and review video quality before you start download process.

Here are simple-to-follow instructions guiding you on how to use this software to download and store your favorite video clips on computer:

- Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to download
- Open AV Tube, click the Paste (1) button to paste the link from clipboard to the YouTube link box
- Click the Analyze (2) button to surf the link. Once the analyzing is done, the Output options will be available.
- Click the Download (4) button to start the download. You can select the output location for the downloaded file with the Browse button (3).

Notice : If the video comes with HD source, you may see it appear within the Quality dropdown box. By default, the program will automatically select the best video quality for downloading.

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