Talk Like a Pirate with Voice Changer Software Diamond


This tutorial will show you the way to change your voice into a pirate’s voice use AV Voice Changer Software 8.0 Diamond

Step 1: Make lame low voice with Voice Morpher feature 

- Turn On the Voice Morpher (1).
- On the Pitch and Timbre graph, move the cursor (2) toward the UP-LEFT corner for a low manly voice. Make fine changes to enhance the voice for better simulation.



The Voice Morpher

Tips: You can have the voice of your desire even only using this Voice Morpher feature. Just try many fine enhancement for the voice until you get the one you like. 

Step 2: Adjust the Vowel Enhancer of voice (for Diamond version only) 

- Click Preferences on Menu bar or Vowel Enhancer(3) icon to open Vowel Enhancer module.
- Turn On (4) button to take control Formant tune.


- Click the Reset button (5) to have the sliders at their default value.


Enhancer window

- Adjust only the Formant 1 sliders (6). This effects the low formant of the voice which then makes the voice sound more gravelly.

- Click OK to close Vowel Enhancer window.

Notes: You should not change the Pitch or the Smoothing sliders if you are not familiar with the Formant Morpher.

Step 3: Adjust the Voice Equalizer (for Diamond version only)

- Click Preferences on Menu bar or Voice Equalizer (7) icon to open Voice Equalizer module.



Open Voice Equalizer module

- Turn On (8) button of Voice Equalizer section.

- Make changes to the LoStretch and the LoShift sliders. This will allow you to stretch the speed of your voice, and shift up certain parts of the voice.


Voice Equalizer section

- Adjust the Smoothing slider in order to make the morphed voice clearer.