FREE Video Uploader That Support Batch-File


If you have a Youtube channel which you frequently upload interesting, funny video clips to share with your friends and subscribers, you will find it frustrating sometimes when uploading videos. Uploading one file is not a big deal, but when you need to upload multiple files at a time, waiting for each to finish is not a smooth process at all. For this reason, I want to introduce you all to the cool FREE Media Uploader which supports batch-file uploading, so you now don't have to waste your time waiting for hours to finish uploading cool stuffs and share with your friends.


The look and design of AV Media Uploader are very friendly and easy to use. All you need to do to upload videos using the free program is choose the service you wish to upload the file to, and then choose the files from your local machine that you need to upload. You can enter more information about the video before you start the upload process. Of course, you are going to want people to be able to find your videos, so this information is important.

Once you finish adding videos, simply click "Upload" button at the bottom. By this way, AV Media Uploader can help you send all your favorite videos to you Youtube channel, Dailymotion channel or Make4fun account automatically while you can get on with your day like usual. It’s as easy a method as you are going to find to keep your YouTube channel filled with new content.


  • Queue multiple files to be uploaded to video streaming services
  • Supports YouTube, DailyMotion, and Make4Fun
  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Enter more information about the videos