Chatting with webcam is no longer a strange thing to people all over the world. We use it to see our friend's face while chatting even though we're far away from each other. If you're a creative person, let's make soem renovation to your chatting world using AV Webcam Morpher.


AV Webcam Morpher is a fun software program allows user to  be creative in online activities by changing and controlling their webcam output in real-time. Both your image, voice and background can be controlled easily, other preset video effects are also big help for your webcam presentation.



The best part of this program is that user doesn't need to own a real webcam. AV Webcam Morpher's video loops (aka nickfaces) will simulate a webcam broadcast for you. You can control these nickfaces by a popup panel and make them look real with emotional gesture and expressions. There's no way your friends or random strangers can recognize it's not you until you "spill the beans".


This program is compatible with many VoIP applications such as Yahoo Messenger, ooVoo app for Facebook, Skype, Camfrog, ... For more information, visit