Looking for a multi-function program which allows you to listen to music smoothly and to edit your favorite songs as well?? Then, look no further because AV Media Player Morpher is always available for you!


AV Media Player Morpher 6.0 which was formerly known as AV Music Morpher Gold 5.0, is a tiny yet powerful player and editor from Audiof4un.  You can listen to any audio and video files including MP3, 3GP, ACC, MPEG-4, WMV, WMA, AVI, DivX, MOV, Xvid, etc. The new upgraded version includes Pseudo-surround effect, visualization, 3D effects, equalizer and surround sound control, this tool will take your viewing and listening pleasure to the next level.


Unlike other music player, this program can enhance sound and add depth, it turns your normal 2 speaker device into a Visual Sound Bar that produces the widest stereo and pseudo-surround sound. Morphing will take you only a few seconds with a full range of Equalizers and a library of interesting real-time audio and video morphs ready to be used.

 AV Media Player Morpher has become a multimedia program with a lot of extra features such as advanced Audio Editor, CD Grabber/Converter, Audio Converter, Audio & Sound Recorder and Media Uploader, all appeared on a Smartphone-like interface. The best part is that this professional program is available for free download and you can fully experience its unique features with no limitation. You can visit this page for more information and free download.