Are you a passionate music lover and having a dream to become a DJ? If the answer is "yes", you definitely love to enjoy music in different ways and make your favorite songs turn into any genre you like. Mixing songs is now becoming very popular because youth is full of innovation. This leads to a difficult decision on which music tool is the best for them. Eventually, AV Music Morpher Gold exists for this reason. Let's check out why this tool is able to satisfy your imagination.


Audio4fun's AV Music Morpher Gold is the latest version of Music Editor series including a brand new virtual DJ, a new Converter module, a multi-track recorder and editor, a whole suite of professional effects and famous patented vocal Remover and Extractor.

Its brand new virtual DJ allows you to remix songs, add sounds FX, adjust channels, EQ or any other included studio-quality effects. All-in-one converter module is especially designed for the convenience of users who need to convert one music files to any other types, this tool support a variety of file types so that you will absolutely feel comfortable to morph songs and achieve any type of output you desire. The multi-track session editor  is the place for you to mix several songs into one on a waveform chart. You can also modify and combine other  effects for a better music quality with a huge library of popular and vivid sound effects.  In addition, this program also allow you to convert you favorite songs for karaoke singing or just to enjoy the melody without main vocal or simply extract vocals for other remixes with its vocal Remover and Extractor.

Besides these cool functions, AV Music Morpher Gold contains loads of amazing features such as enhancing the quality of your music, customizing your audio clips for cartoons, movies, TV shows, ect. From now on, you can fully enjoy doing DJ tasks without any difficulty and experience yourself as a professional DJ with the help of this amazing tool.


Visit here for more information about this program. You can find many helpful online tutorials at Audio4fun to have more understanding about this powerful DJ tool. With AV Music Morpher Gold, every DJ thing is possible!