The Smartest Digital Talking Parrot


The concept of raising virtual pet originated in the late 1980s when The Megami Tensei series of role-playing video games were first released in 1987. It has been more popular among people on all over the world because of differently attracting interfaces and, especially users can take care of their beloved virtual pets all the time as long as there is computer and internet connection. If you are planning to adopt a smart one, AV Digital Talking Parrot is a perfect choice for you.    

AV Digital Talking Parrot is a free screen-saver with no adds or pop-up from Audio4fun. This smart parrot is like a baby, it can learn what you teach, mimic sounds, a bird song, or a human voice, or any kind of sound if you spend sometimes to teach it. You also can teach this smart pet what to remember and what not to. Every sound heard by this parrot will be naturally said out again so this is really a lovely virtual pet for your PC. With four current backgrounds: Green, Lake, Room, and Waterfall, you can change it where you want your pet to be at.

Unlike some screensavers, Digital Talking Parrot also has its own Start Menu folder, complete with dedicated uninstaller. The program's main interface includes File, Edit, View, and Help menus. Since it's as much a program as a screensaver, you configure Digital Talking Parrot from its own interface as well as the Screen Saver Settings in Windows. In fact, unlike most screensavers, Digital Talking Parrot doesn't automatically set itself as the default system screensaver, and we had to open the Personalization settings and enable it as a screensaver.


This application is available for your PC and iOS as well, you can adopt this lovely parrot here. You also can visit Audio4fun for more information and outstanding products.