Create Special Greetings For US Independence Day

America, as an exciting nation, packed with innovation and unique ideas, most believe the Fourth of July represents freedom. It is with that freedom we are able to do what we want to do to celebrate the holiday.  Some usual celebration including baking, taking a trip, watching some interesting movies or having barbecue sound great but you only can prepare them with your dearest friends or family members and sometimes, it's not that easy for you to meet all of them to celebrate on this day. Then, why don't you try to create meaningful but funny greetings for your them so that it will become one of their best memories on such a big day like this? Fortunately, AV Voice Changer Software exists to make your creativity come true.


AV Voice Changer Software includes three different versions which meet the demand of each user: Basic versionGold version and Diamond version. They are smart adjusting tools from Audio4fun and work on two methods: the Hooking method and the Virtual Audio Driver method, which give the program the ability to capture several audio streams from different applications at the same time and change voices in real-time. These tools can be used with all online games and many VoIP and Instant Messaging programs so that their users can change their voices while chatting or playing online games in real-time.

 By using one of these software, you can make different versions of your originally recorded greetings. You can make it sound funny like any cartoon character, serious like an old men or politician, lovely like a baby or even attractive like a celebrity you love. There is a variety of preset combination setting of voice's pitch and timbre called ready-to-use nickvoices for you to choose or you can make new sounds for your own collection. You can read this free tutorial from Audio4fun to learn how to create interesting greetings for dearest persons in your life.


Trust me, this is an amazingly cool product and worth a try. You will be definitely surprised at its professional and powerful functions which can turn your PC into a home recording studio. You can visit their official website for more outstanding products, freeware and upcoming promotions.