Mix Audio Background Effects in Music Morpher Gold


Music Morpher Gold is a software that can turn your humble computer into a DJ table within 1 second. In this tutorial, we will show you how to mix audio background effects, can be downloaded for free at Audio4fun Support Center and use within the software.


Step 1:Download Music Morpher Gold and free background effects:

- Download Music Morpher Gold

- Download Free background effects


Step 1: Open a new session in Music Morpher Gold

- Launch Music Morpher Gold

- Click on New Multitrack Session button

- In the new Multiple Session Sample Rate, leave it as default 44100.

Music Morpher Gold: Create new multitrack

Step 2: Add audio background effects 

- Right-click on a track, select Add New Clip From File…

- Choose your main audio file and Open. (To add background effects, right click on a track and do the same as your main audio file).

Music Morpher Gold: Add a track


  • The location where you right-click will be the beginning of the track.
  • Use Ctrl + right-click to move the track along the line.
  • Use effects with MP3 format, you can download more sound packs, background sounds, vocal sounds from our Add-on Store.


Step 3: Mix audio with other effects


- Click on a track you want to select

- Choose effects via the Effects Library box.

- Each effect will have its own settings dialog box.
- Choose your favorite settings and click OK. (In the example below, we use Tempo Morpher effect to change the speed of the middle track)


Music Morpher Gold: Add effects



After you are down with the editting, save your audio mix:

- Click Save File

- Select where you want to save the file.

- Enter File name.

- Choose the format with Save as type.

- Click Save.

Music Morpher Gold: Save File



  • Save as MTX format will help you edit the project later.
  • The MP3 format will be you final product.

That's it. Your audio mix will be ready to rock your world.

Mimic Santa Claus Voice This Christmas with Voice Changer


 Are you looking for a way to mimic Santa Clause voice? In this tutorial, we will show you how to do a Santa voice with a professional voice changer software. You will be able to talk like Santa Claus, enhance quality of your online talk and more. 


 Step 1: Santa Claus Voice Settings

- Launch Voice Changer Software Diamond.
- Move the pointer within Pitch-Timbre graph to select the value of Pitch 61% and Timbre 87%. This set of values works best for me.

- Because each voice is characterized on pitch and timbre, it would be better that you try a little more to decide which pitch and timbre parameter produces the best Santa Claus voice for you.




 Step 2: Santa Claus sound quality

In Voice Changer Software Diamond, there is a feature that can help you enhance the quality of your voice.

- On the main panel, select Advanced button

- Select Reduction 170 and Threshold 12.3, these are the parameters to control Noise Reduction.

Note: This may vary a little bit as each person will have different characteristics for their voice. You can adjust a little more to get the optimum settings for your voice.

- Click Apply and then OK. 





Enjoy and have fun.

Amazon Chime with Voice Changer for Better Online Talks


Amazon Chime with Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 is an amazing combination for online meetings and video conferencing. Check out how to increase the variations of your voice in a meeting as well as increase the talking environment.


What is Amazon Chime

As you can guess, this is a communication service that "transforms online meetings with a secure, easy-to-use application that you can trust." It can be used on various platforms and devices.


What about Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5?

A voice changer that can change your voice to various voices such as a boy, grandma, sweet girl, old man, etc. It can morph and change your voice in real time, add effects when talking in Skype, Viber, etc.

In order to use Amazon Chime with Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5, check out the steps below:


Step 1: Voice changer software connecting option

- Launch Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 

- On main panel, choose Preferences 

VCS Preferences window.:

- Choose Virtual driver Mode

- Click OK


Choose Voice Changer connecting option


Step 2: Amazon Chime connecting option

- Launch Amazon Chime

- Log into your account.

- In the main interface, choose File menu » Settings...



In Settings window:

- Select Audio tab.

- Choose Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) as Mic

- Click Done.

Note: Remember to tick on Enhanced echo cancellation (*) for high quality output.



Step 3: Prepare your voice with voice changer

And now, it's time to do some magic with your voice before starting a conversation with 

- Launch Voice Changer Software Diamond.

- Select a Nickvoice from the main panel to instantly change your voice


- Manually select settings of Pitch-Timbre graph, Voice effects and Voice Beautifying.



Step 4: Amazon Chime with Voice Changer

And now, it's time to make the online call. When your new voice is ready, make a call and surprise everyone.




Scary Webcam This Halloween, Show Horror Clip in Video Call


Did you know? AV Webcam Morpher has the ability to show a video through webcam when you are calling your friends via Skype, ooVoo, etc.

In this post today, we will show you how to show a scary video clip on webcam while video calling. Halloween is coming, time to scare some friends with fun tricks.


Step 1: Settings of AV Webcam Morpher

- Download AV Webcam Morpher
- Click Clips button to open the Shared Clips module.

- All instant messenger programs not necessarily in use should be closed to optimize the sharing process.
- You should also remove all Logitech Webcam applications to avoid any conflicts or problems with video displaying in AV Webcam Morpher.


Open the share clips module


Step 2: Choose your horror video

- Click Add Clip button under the pane to bring up the Open dialog box.

- Select the video clip you want to show.

- Click Open to open the file and close the dialog box.




Step 3: Preview the video

Double click on the video file name in the Clips pane to play the file, or click on the Play button to play.

* Make sure that the Preview button is ON (highlighted) to display the video in the Preview screen.

Play and preview the video


Step 4: Invite friends for a video call

And now, everyone, it's time to invite your friends for a video call.

And when calling, turn on the clip, bring a little scary horror this Halloween and enjoy the moment.




Voice Changer Software Top 3 Downloaded Nickvoice Packs


If you are a voice changer software user, this will surely amaze you with the Nickvoice packs of Darth Vader, Morgan Freeman and Optimus Prime. These are the top 3 downloaded Nickvoice packs that can help you change your voice immediately without having to do any complicated stuff.

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 is a software that can help you transform your voice to many other voices in real time. You can make a call on Skype, Viber, etc. with a changed voice and even voice effects, background effects and more.


But did you know? The Add-on Store has many add-on for Nickvoices, Effects, sound packs to down for free.

These are the most downloaded Nickvoice packs that can help you change your voice to Darth Vader, Morgan Freeman and Optimus Prime.

With the current version voice changer software, you only need to pay attention to the .NVC files.


- Morgan Freeman nickvoice

Darth Vader nickvoice

- Optimus Prime Robot nickvoice


To apply the add-ons, follow this tutorial here:

>> How to use Voice Morpher


Talk Like a Pirate, Ahoy! with Background Sound



Ahoy matey! Time to say ARRRR with yer true pirate voice! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Be prepared, me buccaneer buddies, for we now set a fun course into th' mysterious seven seas of the Internet with "Pirattitude". Dig th' booty and show yer best pirate voices in all th' chat rooms 'n audio journeys.

It's extremely easy to add a background sound and effects in your Skype video call, Viber,etc. What you need is just one voice changer software and the free add-ons.


There are two main types of background and sound effects:

Sound packs:

- Blow the man down!

- Har Har Har

- The melodies of legends  

Villainous voices of the sea


Background sounds:

Jolly Roger - Sounds of victory

Deep oggin is calling

The cursed winds


Heave ho me hearties!


Convert and Morph Audio for Free


Did you know? You can always rely on a freeware to convert and morph audio files for free. There are many tools that can convert audio formats, but morphing audio? Only a few ones that are free. In this tutorial today, you will have a very great software to morph audio in a professional way, but surprisingly, it's FREE.


Download Audio Morpher

Audio Morpher is a great freeware that can help you convert file formats, morph audio, add effects and many other features.

Download the software here: 



Morphing audio is just easy

Do you know what you can do with this software? Absolutely amazing!

It's a very simple software, free and can do many good audio tasks that can be even compared to a paid audio software if your demand is not too complicated.

You will be able to:

- Convert file formats in batches.

- Add effects to one file or many files at once.

- Morph audio with many morphing effects.




Buttons from left to right:

Add file - Add folder - Remove tracks from list - Remove all tracks - Morph selected tracks - Morph all tracks


In the Settings section:

- Choose Destination to save your files

- What to do what Existing files

- File name Template when morph multiple files

- Quality: choose quality, file formats and many more.


In Availble Effects section:

- Single effects: 3D sound, airport, bell, empty room, etc.

- Special effects: Equalizer, Volume boost, Echo, Voice morphing, X surround ,etc.


Just choose the effects you want, they will appear in the Active Effects box.


That's it. With just one panel, this software is a fully functioning tool to help you convert audio formats/morph audio/ add effects and more.