TeamSpeak Voice Changer for a Superrr Fun Voice Chat


TeamSpeak voice changer will be your key to a new fun "nice" voice chat with your pals. In case you are wondering what we will do, just imagine, we will use a voice changer to connect to TeamSpeak, have some new voices like Obama, Morgan Freeman, Darth Vader, even mimic your friends, change voice from male to female as well as many background effects to put in your conversations.


In this tutorial, we will use AV Voice Changer Software Diamond to magically transform your voice into another voice in just a few clicks. Have fun in your real time conversation. Yes, this awesome software can be used with TeamSpeak in real time. You talk, it transform, your pals hear, instantly.


What is AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

This is a voice changer software developed by AVSoft Comrporation and distributed through their website It is fully compatible with any Voip application and can work as voice changer for Discord, Skype, Viber, and many more.

Perfect for a conversation in real time with many voices, voice effects, background effects as well as other audio activities such as recording, audio editing, converting, etc.

You can download AV Voice Changer with this link below from Audio4fun:

>> Free download Voice Changer 


TeamSpeak voice changer settings

To use TeamSpeak voice changer, simply follow these steps:

- Run TeamSpeak

- On main menu, click on Settings (1)

- Choose Options (2) to open TeamSpeak's Options dialog box.



In the Options dialog box:

- Select Capture (3).

- In Capture section, choose Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) for Capture Device (4).

- Click OK (5).



Prepare AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

- Download and run AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

- On main panel, click on Preferences (1)

- When VCS Preferences dialog box appears, choose Virtual driver Mode (2)

- Click OK (3)


We would like to explain a little bit, Virtual driver Mode will help Av Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 focus solely on TeamSpeak. Therefore, this means that your calls on TeamSpeak will have the highest quality.

>> You will not only change your voice, but also improve voice quality. Sounds really cool, right?


How to use Voice Changer for TeamSpeak

First way to change voice:

The quickest way to change your voice from male to female, female to male, animal and many other voices is by using the Nickvoices.

Nickvoices are the ready-to-use voice presets with a different categories for you to choose. With these presets, you only need one click to transform your voice to another.



Second way to change voice:

On the other hand, this will be the most creative way to change your voice. Why? Here is the deal, read carefully! You will be able to produce the most impressive new voices based on your original voice.

The reason is that, each person has their own unique set of voice fundamentals, by manually modifying these variables, you will be able to achieve unimaginably good voices. For example, you will be able to talk exactly like Darth Vader, narrate audio like Morgan Freeman or sing even higher pitch like Justin Bieber.



 Look carefully, there are only three parts to explore:

1. Pitch and Timbre graph:

This will be the main tool to change the age and gender of your voice.

- Move the pointer to the left/right, your voice will sound lower/higher.

- Move it up/down, your voice will sound younger/older.


2. Voice Effects:

You have a huge built-in effects for different uses:

- Voice effects such as cut bass, delay, radio, reverb, etc. 

- Background effects: sound like you are in a big room, traffic jam, a forest, an ocean, etc.

- Equalizer and many custom presets to alter the characteristics of your voice.


3. Voice Beautifying:

This is how you are going to have the most unique voice ever. OMG! This is the feature to improve your voice quality, even form a accent.


In-depth tutorial on using those features can be found at:

>> How to use Voice Morpher in Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5


And now, make a call to your friends and enjoy the result.

Tell them, "I am your father!", LOL.


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How to Use Voice Changer in Curse Chat for Funny Calls


Sometimes, talking to your pals using Curse voice chat needs a little more excitement to spice the game up. But what are you gonna do? I don't think singing a song or talking about some irrelevant stuff will have that much impact. How about using AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5?

Change your voice to any voice in Curse chat, you can be Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama playing games, or you can be a mother of someone demanding his son to go home, or even some prank girl voice admiring your fellows to make the most fun in a game.

In this tutorial today, I will show you how to connect AV Voice Changer Software Diamond with Curse chat. Take out your creativity and fly with these wings into the sky of fun.

Curse chat

Curse chat is now integreated into Twitch app. You can merge two accounts from two websites and use it for the online chat.

Step 1: Change settings of voice changer

On main panel of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond:

- Click on Preferences (1)

- When VCS Preferences window appears, choose Virtual driver Mode (2)

- Click OK (3)


From now on, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond will focus solely on the software it is connected to. This mode will help users speak in the best voice quality for normal conversations as well as when they change their voice.


Step 2: Connect voice changer to Curse chat

 Now, we will connect the two software together.

- Open Curse

- Select Settings icon



In the new Fine-tune your mic and sound dialog box:

- Select Audio/Video tab (1)

- Under Microphone, choose your Device as Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) (2)

- Click Done (3)




Step 3: Adjust AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

And now, are you ready for some fun? 

At this step, any changes in your voice will make it different, and when you talk, all of your friends will hear a new voice. So be careful, or your fellows will laugh till they can take it no more.


How to use voice changer? Very easy, just one click and you can change your voice to various voices:


You can change your voice from:

- Male to female

- Female to male

- Movie Maker: ghost, robot, etc.

- Non Human Voice: anime voices like dog, bird, bear, wolf, etc.

Moreover, you can download more free voices from Add-on Packages - Audio4fun Support Center with more updated packs.


And now, enjoy the new fun in the neighborhood, guys.

Animal Voice Changer with Animal Sound Effects


Do you like the sounds of animals? If you are looking for an animal voice changer, apply animal sound effects to your audio, create animal voice overs or simply want to make a small prank, then this is the one. With AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, you can easily mimic animal voice by saying anything.


In this tutorial, we will show you how to turn your voice to an animal in just one click:


Step 1: Download AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Download the software from

This is the coolest voice changer software to change your voice to any voice, any gender and age, including robot voice, animal, ghost and many non-hunman voices.

You can change your voice in real time, connect to Skype/Viber/QQ/TeamSpeak or any voice chat software and talk in many voices, record the conversation, edit/cut/split/add effects to the audio, and convert to any audio format.



                                        AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5


Step 2: Change your voice to animal voice in one click

- Select Nickvoices (1)

- Choose Non Human Voice (2)



- Select your favorite voice from Non-human Voice Effects list (3)

- Click OK (4)


And now, are you ready to talk in the voice of animals?


Other voice changer articles:


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Missing DLL for Media Player Morpher?


Are you missing a DLL file on your computer to open Media Player Morpher? Having trouble with the filename.exe - System error: This application failed to start because d3dx9_43.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem? This is the solution that you will need.

Is this the error you are having?


What is Media Player Morpher?

This is a unique and FREE media player for users who want more than just your original default player on your computer. You will be able to watch your movies in surround effect, with just two normal speakers. Turn them into an expensive surround sytem. Amazing, right? 🎉 🎉 🎉 



More information can be found at:

First step: Reinstall

- Sometimes, a download may be corrupted due to unstable server or network. Delete your browser's cache and then download again.

- Reinstall the software to see if you can open it properly now.


Second step: Download the file DLL

If you still cannot open the software after the first step, then come to this step:

- Download the DLL file via this link of Microsoft (safe download):

- Run the file you just downloaded and then start the software.


That's it. It's time to enjoy your songs and movies with more effects.



Use Voice Changer in Omegle Chat for Funny Stranger Chat


If you are looking for a place to talk with strangers, to have some fun talking to new people, then Omegle is a great website. Moreover, you can also connect AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 to change your voice to any voice you want in a chat. Imagine that you meet a guy, let's see how low his jaw will drop when hearing the voice of the opposite gender of your image.


In this tutorial, we will show you how to use Voice Changer Software Diamond in Omegle chat. You will be able to pull hundreds of creative pranks, funny video chat, even completely fool the other per with your wonderful voices - adjustable to sound like an old man, a sweet woman, a baby boy, a grandma, or even Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama, Darth Vader or any voice.


Step 1: Change settings in Voice Changer Software Diamond

- On Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5's main panel, click Preferences (1).

In the VCS Preferences window:

- Check Virtual driver Mode (2).

- Click OK (3).



Step 2: Prepare Omegle

- Connect to, and then sta


rt a video chat.

- When Adobe Flash Player Settings dialog pop-ups, click Allow to grant the service access to your camera and microphone.

- Select Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) as the audio input.




 Step 3: Change your voice in Voice Changer Software Diamond

Imagine that you transform your voice into a cow standing at the beach and your poor victims will actually believe it, or simply change your voice to opposite gender, that is a tremendous fun already.

For more information about this tool, you can visit their website here

How to use the software?

Visit our guide at: 


Have fun with Omegle, every one. Your fun chat is waiting to be explored.


How to Use Ustream Voice Changer for Your Funny Live Streaming



Talking about live streaming, there are tons of content to watch live everyday (or ユー ストリーム in Japanese). However, if you want to stream your own content to your audience, Ustream is one of the best solution. But it can also be enhanced greatly with Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5. When these two are connected, you will be able to change your voice to any voice in real time and a whole lot more fun, creative live stream video ideas to do.



A "live, interactive video broadcast platform" - Ustream TV.  Anyone can conduct a live interactive video broadcast to anyone at anywhere in the world.


Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5


This will be the source of fun and creative content for your broadcasts. Have fun with your new voices, because you will be able to change your voice to any kind of age and gender, voice characteristics and sound quality. Moreover, you can also make fresh remixes of music, tell stories in background effects and many other features to use.

So, how do I use this software with Ustream? Just 3 simple steps:


 Step 1: Prepare Voice Changer Software Diamond

- Download and install AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

- Open the software, click on Preferences (1)

- Choose Virtual driver Mode (2)


- Click OK (3) and close the window.


Step 2: Ustream voice changer

- Connect to your Ustream broadcast page

- Find Audio settings

- Choose Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) as the audio input.


From this moment, Ustream will have Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 as the audio source.


Step 3: Change your voice in Ustream and enjoy

Whatever you talk will be modified by Voice Changer Software Diamond and then sent to Ustream. For example, you can choose settings of a sweet woman's voice and then talk into the microphone, it will transform your voice and everyone else watching your stream will hear the voice of a woman. Cool, right?


So, how to change your voice to different voices?

1. Using ready-to-use Nickvoice

You can change your voice in just one click with the built in settings. From male to female, female to male, non human voice and even movie making voices. You can sound like a grandma, young man, teen girl, baby boy to a cow, dog or ghost, etc.



2. Use Voice Morpher feature

This is the most creative way to use Voice Changer Software Diamond. You can free adjust settings, Equalizer, add more vocal and background effects as well as enhance sound quality to suit your voice the best.

Imagine, you can even tell everyone there is a cow next to you, or you are streaming from a forest, a beach or even the in a traffic jam.



Have fun with your live streaming.