SAM Broadcaster Voice Changer Software

In this tutorial, we will show you how to change voice in SAM Boardcaster Pro. You will be able to talk in many voices while streaming, and it will be a very, very fun stream section.

First of all, you will need to download and install AV Voice Changer Software Diamond.

Download Voice Changer Software at:


Adjust settings in AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

 After downloading and installing AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, it's time to go around a little bit.

- Launch Voice Changer Software.

- In the main panel, you will see the Nickvoice button.

- Select one Nickvoice to change your voice instantly.

- Or, you can use the Pitch Timbre graph to change your voice manually.




Change voice in SAM Broadcaster Pro

- Run SAM Broadcaster PRO.

- Select Window (1)

- Make sure you choose to display Voice Tracking (2).

- In Voice-Tracking window, select Config (3) to show VoiceTrack configuration dialog box.



- In Voice Track configuration dialogs box, change Sound capture device to Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) (4).

- Click OK (5).


Sam Broadcaster PRO and VCSD9


Start your SAM Broadcaster section with Voice Changer

And now, it's time to start your stream with SAM Broadcaster and Voice Changer Software Diamond. Have fun.


The super prank creator for your online calls

Great prank calls can always come from a simple voice chat. With AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, you can prank call anyone with the voice of a woman, a bear, bird, change voice male to female, female to male and many other voices. Perfect for an Internet prank call.


Prank call voice changer

Make a funny prank call with voice changer. You can sound like Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama, or anything for some fun online calls.

This is a good chance to play a practical joke on your friends and family with some humor, or simply spice the video call with different voices and effects. 

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond can help you do that, and even more because you can change your voice in real time. Talk to the microphone, and the voice is changed immediately to the other side. Besides, the software can:

- Change voice in real time

- Add voice effects, background effects and many other effects for free. You can download even more at


Voice Changer Software Diamond is ready for a call

April is the month of pranks. How was it with the April Fools' Day? 

There is a good news from Audio4fun - the publisher of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond. The software is on sale for 3 more days!

You will have 3 more days to own the software with the 20-year technology in voice changing.


More information about the software can be found on its official website:

Remember, the sale ends on April 11, 2019

Change voice on with Voice Changer Software

In this tutorial, we will show you how to change your voice on Slack with AV Voice Changer Software Diamond.


To those who don't know yet, Slack is a website that provides video calls with high quality audio signal. Meanwhile, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is the software that can change your voice in real time when using Slack.


Step 1: Download AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is a program that can change your voice to any voice in real time. You can use the software to change voice male to female, female to male, robot, ghost animals and many more.

The voice quality can be considered as the best one on the current voice changer market. To download software, please follow this link and free download from their official website:


Step 2: Connect Voice Changer with Slack 

- Access website and select your workspace.
- In your workspace, select the contact you want to call and click on the Phone icon beside their name to start calling.



- Slack may ask for your permission to use your microphone. Click Allow to grant access



- Right after the other person accepts the call, the Settings button appears. Click on it.
- In the Settings pop-up, select Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) for the Audio settings. Click Save when done.



That's it, now you will be able to change your voice using AV Voice Changer Software Diamond in


Merry Christmas with free voice changer for download

At Audio4fun, we are sending to free gifts to the real Santas.




To download voice changer for free, this is a very great chance to own AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5, full license, and completely free!

This year, you can receive a great gift from Audio4fun just by... sending us your voice 🎅

- Record your voice
- Visit
- Upload your voice
- Receive the gift


Have fun and enjoy.


Christmas Background Effects (MP3 files)

In this article today, I will show you the best Christmas background effects which are available for free to use with your audio projects. 

Make you audio projects better with the effects, and enjoy a Merry Christmas



Here are the Christmas sound packs that you will absolutely like.

You can add them to bring the Xmas spirit to your audio projects and have fun with the result.


Christmas background effects:

- Xmax traditional sound

Christmas Sound

- Holiday songs of Christmas


Christmas sound packs:

- Santa's message

- Christmas melody

- The Sleigh is Coming


Hope that you enjoy all of those Christmas sound packs and effects.

Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho! 



Voice Changer Software Diamond has a Thanksgiving gift to all users


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