How to convert audio formats with Music Morpher Gold


Hi guys, in this tutorial today, I will show you how to convert audio formats with the help of AV Music Morpher Gold, a very powerful audio editor.

Step 1: Open audio files that you want to convert

Download AV Music Morpher 

At the main menu of AV Music Morpher, select Converter tab (1). With this tool, you can convert several files at the same time.

Click the Add files to Playlist button (2) and then choose the audio files you want to convert.




Step 2: Convert audio format with Music Morpher Gold

After adding the audio files to the program, you can configure the settings.

Choose the Output Folder (3)

And then, select the output settings with Output file format (4):

- Audio format

- Codec: if you don't know what to choose, leave it at default.

- Sample rate: recommend 44100 Hz

- Channels: should be Stereo in most cases.

- Options: choose your quality.

And finally, click the Convert button (5) to process your files.



convert audio format

That's it guys.

Very easy to follow. I hope that you enjoy the tutorial.

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Add effects to your audio recordings with Music Morpher Gold



Hi guys, today, I will show you how to add effects to your recordings with the software AV Music Morpher Gold. With this, you will be able to add effects, edit audio with multi-track editor, and even mix DJ music.


About the software AV Music Morpher Gold

This is the software that has a multi-track editor. You can morph vocal, edit, cut, mix audio, add effects, even remove vocal from a song. You can download the software here to try out the features.

How to add effects to your recordings

- Open Music Morpher Gold

- Switch to Editor tab (1)

- Choose New Multitrack Session (2)

Note: Leave the settings as default 44100 (3) if you are not sure what setting to choose.



- On each track line, right – click >> Add New Clip From File … or double click to insert your audio speech.

- Do the same to insert sound effects to make the speech more interesting.

- Hold down the right mouse button on each track to move it along the timeline.


And that's it.

Hope that you enjoy.


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How to remove vocals from a song

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How to remove vocals from a song

Hi everyone, how are you doing? Today I will show you how to remove vocals from a song with the help of AV Music Morpher Gold. With this, you will be able to extract the vocals and get the background music, or you can also extract to get the vocal. It's your choice.




Step 1: Open the song you want to remove vocals

- Download AV Music Morpher Gold.

- Launch the software

- Select Morpher tab (1)

- Click on File menu (2), select Open (3)

- The Open dialog box will come up, select the song you want to remove voice and click Open.



 Step 2: How to remove vocals of the song

Open Voice Morphing Panel:

- Click on View menu (4)

- Choose Morpher Bar (5)


In Voice Morphing Panel:

- Select Voice Remover – Center Filtering Method. (6)

- Turn On/Off (7) to compare with the original song when you make a change to the settings.




You can also configure the settings to make it more professional:

Center Width (8): The more you move this slider to the right, the more voice is removed.

However, careful as you may remove too much.


Center Filtering (9):

- High pass: This parameter has the most effect on the total sound of a song. Move to the left to remove more vocal.

- Low pass: reduces the noise if it appears when you remove vocals. Move this slider to the right to remove more noise.


Voice Pitch (10): the vocal has a frequency. Select the frequency of vocal to remove the sound produced from this frequency. The other frequencies will be kept. Stop moving the slider when you hear the main voice is removed.

The vocal pitch of male singer is around 250Hz, and vocal pitch of female singer is around 720Hz.


Notch Width (11): Move this to the right to remove more sound or to the left to add more sound. A setting of 8 may be the best.


Step 3: Export the background music after removing the vocals

When you are satisfied with the result:

- Click on Morph Selected Files (12)

- Choose Output folder (13)

- Select Output file format (14)

- After that, select Morph (15).




That's it.

Hope you all enjoy the music.

Note: The quality of the background music will depend on the original song. Some particular songs are recorded in a very complicated way, with too many sounds together, which sometimes causes the vocals not to be removed completely.


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How to rip CD to MP3

In this tutorial, I will show you how to rip CD to MP3 with the help of AV Music Morpher Gold. You will know how to take a regular audio CD and convert the tracks into MP3 files to use in your computer or other devices.



AV Music Morpher Gold

This is the software that will help you rip CD tracks and then convert these data files into MP3. You can also edit music, morph vocal, add effects and many other things. You can download the software for free with the link below from the developers.

Download now


How to rip CD to MP3


fter install the software, launch AV Music Morpher Gold

Click on Grabber tab

Insert a CD into the CD driver, then press Update Drive Info on the toolbar to load all tracks.

Click to select the tracks you want to rip to MP3. If you want to rip all tracks, click Check all button to select all.




After that, click on Start Grabbing… icon. The new Grabbing dialog box will come up:

Select the Output Folder and the Output File Format for your files, then click on Grab to begin the grabbing process.




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Use voice changer in Sound Forge

In this tutorial, I will show you how to change your voice in Sound Forge. If you don't know yet, Sound Forge captures sounds into your computer and create sound files, from microphone or CD. And voice changer can help you change voice while recording in Sound Forge.


voice changer software sound forge


 Step 1: Download AV Voice Changer Software Diamond and Sound Forge

You can download Sound Forge via this link below:


And to download voice changer software:

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

This Voice Changer Software Diamond is the current best version of the series of Audio4fun. You will be able to change your voice, to make it prettier, smoother, stronger, or anything that you want. Manipulate your voice to be more masculine or feminine, insert background effects to your conversation, and even record to audio files.


Step 2: Connect voice changer with Sound Forge

- Run Sony Sound Forge

- Select Options menu (1) 

- Click on Preferences (2).


voice changer sound forge

When the Preferences dialog comes up:

- Switch to Audio tab

- In the Audio device type drop-down list: slect Windows Classic Wave Driver 

Switch to Record tab below:

- Select Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio - Left) for every record device which is Microphone (High Definition Aud – Left/Right) by left-clicking the mouse and choose Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio) - Left/Right alternately.


sound forge voice changer

Step 3: Change your voice and enjoy 

 Before recording with Sound Forge, you can try around with AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, and select the best voice that you like.



And then, Open the Sound Forge Recorder by clicking on the Record button or press the shortcut keys(Control-R).



And that's it. Enjoy your recording with changed voice and high quality.


SAM Broadcaster Voice Changer Software

In this tutorial, we will show you how to change voice in SAM Boardcaster Pro. You will be able to talk in many voices while streaming, and it will be a very, very fun stream section.

First of all, you will need to download and install AV Voice Changer Software Diamond.

Download Voice Changer Software at:


Adjust settings in AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

 After downloading and installing AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, it's time to go around a little bit.

- Launch Voice Changer Software.

- In the main panel, you will see the Nickvoice button.

- Select one Nickvoice to change your voice instantly.

- Or, you can use the Pitch Timbre graph to change your voice manually.




Change voice in SAM Broadcaster Pro

- Run SAM Broadcaster PRO.

- Select Window (1)

- Make sure you choose to display Voice Tracking (2).

- In Voice-Tracking window, select Config (3) to show VoiceTrack configuration dialog box.



- In Voice Track configuration dialogs box, change Sound capture device to Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) (4).

- Click OK (5).


Sam Broadcaster PRO and VCSD9


Start your SAM Broadcaster section with Voice Changer

And now, it's time to start your stream with SAM Broadcaster and Voice Changer Software Diamond. Have fun.


The super prank creator for your online calls

Great prank calls can always come from a simple voice chat. With AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, you can prank call anyone with the voice of a woman, a bear, bird, change voice male to female, female to male and many other voices. Perfect for an Internet prank call.


Prank call voice changer

Make a funny prank call with voice changer. You can sound like Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama, or anything for some fun online calls.

This is a good chance to play a practical joke on your friends and family with some humor, or simply spice the video call with different voices and effects. 

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond can help you do that, and even more because you can change your voice in real time. Talk to the microphone, and the voice is changed immediately to the other side. Besides, the software can:

- Change voice in real time

- Add voice effects, background effects and many other effects for free. You can download even more at


Voice Changer Software Diamond is ready for a call

April is the month of pranks. How was it with the April Fools' Day? 

There is a good news from Audio4fun - the publisher of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond. The software is on sale for 3 more days!

You will have 3 more days to own the software with the 20-year technology in voice changing.


More information about the software can be found on its official website:

Remember, the sale ends on April 11, 2019